Ville Paananen

Currently a research assistant at UBICOMP, Oulu. 2020 graduate in M.Sc. of Electrical Engineering. Starting Ph.D. studies at UBICOMP and B.Sc. studies in architecture in fall 2020. Visual design on the side.


Moodfoam: an Atmospheric Evaluation of Multi-spaces

Mobile crowdsourcing method to gather spatial experience data and sensor data from a multi-space, and combine them to form an understanding of the space.



illustrations, branding

here’s a mixed selection of my visual work, including magazine illustrations,  visual branding, and personal work.




Grab my cv here:


Research assistant at UBICOMP with a focus on spatial experiences in the field of Human-Computer Interactions. Fall 2020 will continue as a Ph.D. student.



Beginning my studies in architecture fall 2020, and looking forward strengthen my understanding on spatiality. 

visual design

Love visual communication and what it can provide. Been working in branding, illustration, and more.


Electrical engineering

Graduated 2020 as M.Sc. (EE) from the University of Oulu.


Want to talk about my research? Got a need for visual design and you like my work? Or maybe you just want to drop a hello and chat? Shoot me a message in Finnish or English.

Portait photography © Essi Ranta